The CPSH AttendantCare Project increases awareness of the support options that are available to help adults living with intellectual/developmental disabilities and social challenges to live independently.  Safety, making good decisions and being good neighbors are cornerstones of AttendantCare.

Periodically, CPSH contacts Texas Health and Human Services or the Department of Aging and Disabilities Services to request clarification of Medicaid Waiver Services.  CPSH does this to ensure parents, educators, and providers understand how these services may support consumers (adults eligible for services).  We encourage you discuss these responses with your service provider and contact DADS if you have further questions, here.

CPSH shares information provided by the state.  CPSH does not interpret the statements.

Here are the pdfs for you to download:

What is Protective Supervision?

Texas Training and information on CFC - here

CFC Form 8510


AttendantCare Newsfeed