Many families and citizens in North Texas are not aware of the need for safe, affordable housing options for adults living with intellectual/developmental disabilities or social challenges.

The impacts of insufficient housing are homelessness, increased municipal emergency budgets, and decreased quality of life for all.

CPSH shares information about this social challenge with families, educators, government employees, elected officials, houses of worship, service providers, attorneys, and others.

To make change happen, many people in North Texas have to believe and share the values that safe, affordable housing, with the necessary supports, is necessary for these adults to live their best lives.

CPSH invites you to volunteer to share the need for more housing options with our community:

  • resource/transition fairs

  • school districts

  • special needs organizations

  • government employees and elected officials

  • parent groups

  • representing CPSH on community committees and networking events

There are also marketing, public relations, and writing opportunities to create awareness of this housing need.