Continue The Care is an interfaith project to address the spiritual and social needs of people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) in our North Texas neighborhoods. 


What is the project's main Purpose?

The main purpose of Continue The Care is to develop relationships between the adults with IDD and the members of the Houses of Faith in their communities.  Over time, members of the congregation will benefit from the presence of these adults.  Meaningful friendships will develop.  Qualified and competent staff members can provide social services including some transportation needs mixed in with warm, inviting, friendly emotional support to individuals with IDD including their caregivers who are usually underpaid and isolated as well.  Support will give these adults a quality of life after their families can no longer take care of them or die.  The congregation becomes a lifeline to the most vulnerable among us and receives the gift of pride for its efforts.  There are so many ways that a congregation’s volunteer staff can provide meaningful leisure activities where the adults with IDD  make their own choices and pursue their interests.

Volunteer to assist with the Continue the Care Project

CPSH invites you to contact the leadership of your local faith congregations to

  • discuss the needs in their community
  • scheduling face to face meetings to explain the need
  • preparing for future meetings of 8 to10 Houses of Worship at a time to share successful models
  • studying  best practices across the United States to share with Texas Faith Leaders
  • Inviting the best known speakers that have paved the way for success in other communities.

The following News articles pertain to Continue the Care:


Continue the Care, a project of Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH), has created a survey to facilitate effectively serving individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, regardless of IQ. The confidential information gathered from this survey will only be used by CPSH to guide our efforts.  Because you have shown an interest in increasing quality supported housing for people with disabilities in the North Texas area, we invite your input.

Quality housing, in addition to location, is all about quality support.  Eventually, adults with disabilities will have no family member to offer natural support. Although there is no replacement for family, Continue the Care strives to increase support in the close, surrounding community where individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities live.  Houses of Faith are an option to offer friendship and support.  Congregational outreach provides augmented involvement in the lives of adults with IDD and is proactive in offering it before families are no longer available to provide it themselves.

Many houses of faith already support people with disabilities in various ways.  Continue the Care seeks to identify those levels of support regarding adult worship and general congregational activities.  In doing so, Continue the Care will be in a position to help congregations both create connection efforts as well as take existing connections to higher levels.

Your survey input will help CPSH efforts to create or improve extended support for quality housing.  Please fill out this short, confidential survey about how your House of Faith integrates people with disabilities into the life of the congregation. If you are unaffiliated, we would like to know what support you would like a congregation to offer. Your information will help CPSH improve this aspect of quality supported housing.


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