#GIVINGTUESDAY- November 27, 2018

Your donation will help people with disabilities transition from living at home with their families to living in community-based, safe, affordable places they choose, with the services they need.

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2306 Lawndale Pl

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Why do people give to CPSH?

CPSH sends me information about housing for my son that I can't find anywhere else. CPSH is the charity that will make a difference in my son's life. - A.L. Parent

Only by using a unified voice will we parents see the kind of system changes needed to ensure all our kids have safe, comfortable types of homes they want when we are no longer able to care for them.  Thanks to CPSH this is beginning to happen. - R.J. parent

I am worried about my brother and his future. Thank you CPSH for giving me hope. - M.S. Sibling


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