Find Housing

Here are some resources you can contact regarding immediate housing for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities or social challenges.

If an individual with IDD needs emergency housing with IDD supports

Call 1-855-937-2372

Tell them this is a housing emergency.  They will direct the caller.  

Or call the County Local Authority and say it’s a housing emergency. It may take persistence to get the person placed.

Link: Neighborhood Homes - looking for residents (DHA subsidized rent).

Link: HCS Housing (state wide, by county, city, and zip code)

Link: Medicaid Waiver Services (CBA, CLASS, DBMD, MDCP, HCS, TxHmL by county)

Link: Aging and Disability Resources (by Area and County) or 855-937-2372

Link: Go Section 8

Link: Homeless Shelter (by City and State)

Below is a table of Favorite Services and Housing Options recommended by people in North Texas.  

If you are interested in helping other self-advocates and families by providing your recommendations, please go here.