There are tens of thousands a parents in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area raising children of all ages with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Many organizations are available to help you through the challenges and joys of raising them.  This organization, COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTING, addresses the unique housing needs as they become adults.

Where will our children live when they are ready to leave home, or we are no longer able to care for them?  Looking at all the options is a great why to being thinking about this.

You may not be aware that there is a lack of safe, affordable, enriching housing for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (such as Autism, Down syndrome, and Fragile X syndrome, and tramatic brain injury) in North Texas.  The state of Texas estimates that there are enough living accomodations for about three percent of this population.

Medicaid waivers do not pay for rent.  Medicaid pays for services.  SSI and SSDI pay for rent.

It is very important that you be aware of what funding is available, and make flexible plans for your child's living situation. 

COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTING (CPSH) would like to be a resource for you  plan for the future. CPSH works with self-advocates of all ages and their families. 

Here is some information that may be useful to get started. 

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About CPSH: COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTING (CPSH),  a nonprofit charity,  is working with North Texas families as well as public, private, and volunteer sectors to address the lack of residential options.