2015 Priorities & Goals


Priority 1: Increase community supports for adults with IDD living away from families

Goal 1:  Pursue changes to Texas funding for AttendantCare COMPLETE

Goal 2:  Identify Continue the Care best practices from across U.S. and share with local houses of faith. ON HOLD


Priority 2: Establish community-based housing options

Goal 1:  Initiate community-based family/professional directed supported housing in at least one selected neighborhood. COMPLETE

Goal 2:  Assemble interested groups (parents, property owners, contractors, etc.) who are interested in building/renovating a mixed income property or development. IN WORK

Goal 3:  Pursue additional voucher opportunities with Dallas Housing Authority as AttendantCare becomes more accessible IN WORK


Priority 3: Expand core volunteer involvement by thirty people

Goal 1:  Identify volunteer coordinator.  COMPLETE.

Goal 2:  Develop CPSH Team structure COMPLETE

Goal 3:  Define and implement volunteer recruiting process (individual and business) COMPLETE


Other Projects COMPLETE

  • CPSH Websites
  • PSH Facebook Pages and Twitter
  • Resource/ Transition Fairs
  • Spanish Translator/Speaker
  • Marketing/PR 
  • 2015 North Texas Giving Day