ISPACE Homes App for iOS


Developed by Plaid Jacket Apps, LLC for CPSH

Currently: iOS (iPhone) (Android version being planned)

"So easy to use and sign up for. "

 "We had looked at a house for our son and applied for him to be a tenant. He wasn't selected and now because of the ISPACE app we have more choices."


  1. Open the App Store in iOS by tapping on the icon on your Home Screen

  2. Tap Search

  3. In the keyword field type ispacehomes

  4. Check back on the App Store for updates


  1. Connect people with disabilities looking for homes and property owners looking for tenants.

  2. Connect people with disabilities looking for housemates


  1. CPSH and Plaid Jacket Apps, LLC are not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information provided by anyone who uses the app. Terms of Service

  2. The app is one of several ways to connect property owners and tenants. Networking and advertising are also encouraged.

  3. The app allows property owners to identify funding options such as HCS-residential or voucher types.

  4. Please use the app features to contact CPSH or the developer if you have suggestions about functionality.