What is Project Independence?

Project independence is a transition program where parents and family members assist their differently-abled adult child move into independent living, with supports if necessary, over time.

Project Independence is a parent-led co-operative model (Co-op), which collaborates with individuals, families, and caregivers to create a safe and supported community for differently-abled adults allowing these adults to live as independently as possible.

What is the project's main Purpose?

To establish independent housing options for individuals with disabilities in local communities with parent and caregiver support regardless of IQ or SSI/SSDI eligibility.

What is CPSH's Vision for Project Independence?

Multiple independently-run parent Co-ops will provide housing options throughout North Texas for individuals with disabilities.  These Co-ops will be supported by CPSH through best practice documentation, project mentoring, and coordination of shared services.

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Contact:  Virgina Phillips:  pi@txcpsh.org

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Mission Project Presentation (NoSSIHomes01.11.15.pdf)
Examples in other cities (NoSSIHomes10.12.14.pdf)
Our housing needs (NoSSIHomes09.07.14.pdf)

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