COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING is delighted to announce our partnership with a new firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area,  KeyREADY Living.  

As we have heard from you, self-advocates with disabilities and their families, once a decision is made to invest in a signal family home, or rent space in an apartment, a home, duplex, or condo, you have real estate questions.

KeyREADY Living is a real estate firm that can assist you in:

  • Investing or purchasing a home
  • Renting a home or apartment unit
  • Maintaining a property

Kathy Retamozo Lipnick, owner, has a nephew with disabilities and provides real estate services to people with disabilities and their families.

The KeyREADY Living brochure is here.

Below is Kathy's presentation as she opens her firm.

Kathy Retamozo Lipnick
‭(214) 216-2226‬