Many families are connected to the internet.  Learning to be more independent can happen on line as well as in classrooms.

CPSH wants to give families independent living learning opportunities 24/7.  CPSH is creating this page so that you can access topics that are specific to your child's future independence.

Some of the training selected for this website will be for parents to share with their children.  Other training will be independent learning based on the individual's abilities.  Training may also be used in groups.

How much training does your child need?  What areas does your child need to learn and practice to become more independent?

What are the areas that need to be addressed in order for you and your child to feel comfortable living on his or her own, with supports if necessary? 

Do you know of online content or videos this page should link to? 

Educators and Providers, do you know of training we should include?

Would you like to volunteer to research content and manage updates to this page?

To share content or volunteer go here.  More content will happen faster if you contribute.


Problem Solving

Household Management

Socialization & Behavior

Food Safety/Prep

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Other Notable Resources