Neighborhood Homes
  • are owned by people who want to offer housing for people with disabilities
  • have rental agreements directly with tenants
  • At best, rental property should cover all operating expenses and produce a modest return or break even
Identifying Residents for Neighborhood Home

As you make decisions regarding whether or not to dedicate your residential property to tenants with disabilities, please consider that the homeowner is responsible for "marketing" the availability of the openings in the residence and securing residents. As general practice, CPSH offers general marketing tools through its newsletter and app but cannot facilitate targeted marketing nor play a role in securing residents for individual properties.

Property owners can use the ispacehomes app as one way to advertise their properties.

At the request of property owner, one photo and property information (sent to will be provided as follows:
  • CPSH will add post about Neighborhood Home opening in a CREATING HOME newsletter.
  • CPSH will send a special email announcing a Neighborhood Home is available for lease.
  • CPSH will send a special email announcing a Neighborhood Home open house.
  • CPSH will add a post about the Neighborhood Home on page on website with link from front page.
CPSH promotes Neighborhood Home openings at opportunities in the community.

CPSH does not guarantee that we will find residents for your home.

Periodically, property owners in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant Counties may apply for Project-Based Vouchers (PBV)s and receive subsidized rent if two or more adults with diagnosed disabilities live in these homes. Single family homes, condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, and multi-family properties qualify as Neighborhood Housing provided that there is a minimum of two bedrooms. Rent is about 30% of income.

This is a competitive bidding process where interested current or future homeowners submit an application. Then the Dallas Housing Authority evaluates the bids and awards Project-Based Vouchers. The number of PBVs awarded depends on the interest of the community.

As of 9/14/16 the bidding process is closed. DHA will notify the community and CPSH when the bidding process is open.

If you are interested in a similar program for one bedroom apartments, please complete the apartment form, here.
7/21/18 Parent meeting to create Neighborhood hOmes

7/21/18 Parent meeting to create Neighborhood hOmes



Potential Neighborhood Homes Looking for Residents

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For Service Providers

  • If you are a service provider (Medicaid, Managed Care Organization) or Private Pay, and you want to be part of this project, please complete the Service Provider Form. You will be added to the list of providers so that potential homeowners and residents may contact you.

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