Submit an internet story to CPSH

Do you occasionally see a story that might be of interest to the CPSH community?  Submit it and we will review it and post it.  When CPSH posts to this website the story will also be posted on the CPSH Facebook page and CPSH Twitter.

Please include the title of the story, why you like it and the link.

You can send the story through email, here

You can add a link to your Bookmarks Toolbar and click on the Bookmark when you see a story of interest. To add a bookmark:

  • Open your Bookmarks tab on your internet browser
  • Create an new bookmark on the Toolbar (see your browser's help to find this)
  • Name: Post to CPSH
  • Copy this code to the location field: javascript:(function(){var%20d=document,w=window,ud='',s='/sharer',l=d.location,ph=612,pw=800,cid='55415ff4e4b050d2012ff29a',mid='5537e8a7e4b03617ab8a052c',e=encodeURIComponent,p='?src=bm&v=2&u='+e(l.href)+'&t='+e(d.title)+'&cid='+e(cid)+'&mid='+e(mid);try{sel=((w.getSelection&&w.getSelection())||(d.getSelection&&d.getSelection())||(d.selection&&d.selection.createRange&&d.selection.createRange().text));}catch(e){sel='';}p+='&sel='+e(sel);a=function(){if(!,'sharer','status=0,resizable=0,width='+pw+',height='+ph+',top='+parseInt(((screen.height/2)-(ph/2))*.4)+',left='+((screen.width/2)-(pw/2))+',location=0,scrollbars=0,titlebar=0,toolbar=0')){l.href=ud+s+p;}};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)){setTimeout(a,0);}else{a();}})();void(0);