6/1/15: Texas Offers Community First Choice (CFC) to Medicaid Recipients With Disabilities

On 6/1/15 the State of Texas will be offering Community First Choice (CFC)  which allows Texas to provide home and community-based attendant services and supports to Medicaid recipients with disabilities.

If an individual is currently receiving Medicaid Waiver services (HCS, TxHmL, CLASS, or DBMD) and the individual needs other supports  it may be possible to receive additional servicing using CFC. The individual’s current Medicaid Waiver provider will provide services under CFC. Contact your provider to learn more about CFC.

If an individual is on a Medicaid Waiver Interest List it may be possible to receive CFC services through a Managed Care Organization. The individual WILL NOT be removed from the Interest List even though they receive CFC services.  To find out about CFC if the individual is on an interest list, call 855-937-2372.  (Website)

If an individual is NOT on an Interest list, go here.

To qualify for CFC an individual must receive Medicaid.  The individual may also participate in a functional assessment to determine the support required. Overnight care support for a person living independently is determined by the functional assessment.

The four services CFC offers are Habilitation, Personal Assistance Services (PAS), Emergency Response Services (ERS) and support management (voluntary training on how to select, manage, and train attendants). All services are discussed in the DADS and HHSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), recently posted on the following sites. These documents will continue to be updated:  

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Housing Options in North Texas Using Medicaid Waiver and/or CFC

Community for Permanent Supported Housing encourages individuals and their families to contact the individual’s current Medicaid Service Provider or Local Authority or 855-937-2372 and schedule an appointment to discuss which CFC services may be added to the Person Centered Plan.  If the individual is expecting to move into more independent living with supports, an assessment may be necessary to identify necessary supports (Medicaid and/or CFC) and updates to the Person Centered Plan.

CPSH would like to know if you would consider applying for CFC so your child can live away from you with the necessary supports in the next three years.  This will assist us in planning for housing options. Would you please complete this survey?

Name *
of individual who will be more living independently
With CFC available, the individual will move to more independent living
Preferred living option with supports
Neighborhood home - home owned by parents or property owner HCS-Residential Group Home - home owned or rented by HCS provider
Owning a neighborhood home where 3 people receiving Medicaid or CFC services live

Reminder:  Please contact your Local Authority or Service Provider or 855-937-2372 regarding the details of CFC.