Project Independence Presented to Plano ISD Families and Educators

On May 26, 2015 Virginia Phillips, CPSH Board Member shared Project Independence with parents of students in Plano ISD and Plano ISD Educators.  Virginia shared the how PI was started, the effort in work to create the first PI in the Plano/Richardson area, and her experiences helping her son live independently. 

There were many questions from the participants about how parent cooperatives can be formed to suit the needs of their students as they transition to independent living.   One parent said, "I very much enjoyed the meeting and was greatly informed of options for my son, including housing and other ways to help him grow independently."

Special thanks to Ryan Gafford, VAC / Transition Specialist at Plano West Senior High School, for creating this forum for parents to discuss independent living.  To learn more about Project Independence and RSVP for the next Community Meeting, go here.