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October/November 2017

CPSH Update

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, CPSH had the opportunity to update the Texas IDD System Redesign Committee on the status of housing for people with IDD and coordinating support services in North Texas. The testimony included the current status of the demands CPSH has made to the Dallas Housing Authority and Housing and Urban Development regarding discrimination against people with IDD who want to live in homes that have project-based vouchers and are owned by family members. CPSH is represented by Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC in Washington, D.C. Among the firm's specialties are housing and civil rights.

CPSH has also asked the Committee for assistance in improving support services for people living independently. The video testimony including Q&A from the Committee is here.

Here are the key points offered in the testimony.

CPSH Demands of DHA

  1. Make awards from the current pool of applicants
  2. Establish a clear reasonable accommodation procedure
  3. Accept requests for reasonable accommodations from potential residents of any project-based housing funded through DHA
  4. Adopt a policy that clarifies that participation in an LLC or Special Needs Trust is not considered to be family ownership
  5. Continue offering RFPs on a rolling basis
  6. Pay appropriate damages and attorneys’ fees

CPSH Demands of HUD

  1. Withdraw its objections to the DHA’s RFP in writing
  2. Withdraw its instructions to DHA to request a regulatory waiver to proceed with the RFP
  3. Adopt clear instructions at the national level to correct its apparent misunderstanding of the requirements of the PB voucher rule and permit applications from persons who may appear to be a potential owner with a relationship to a person with a disability for project based voucher funds
  4. Provide training to all employees of the Office of Public and Indian Housing nationally to correct HUD’s improper actions here
  5. Pay appropriate damages and attorneys’ fees
We are hopeful that HUD will decide to make this right on a voluntary basis.

CPSH asks the IDD System Redesign Committee for the following:

  • Set expectation that Medicaid Waiver in home services go with a person living in a community-based home; not just ICF or "Group Home."
  • Increase training on Consumer Directed Services; include success stories of affording rent and services.
  • Ensure sufficient transportation funding is part of DADs budget. LIDDA participation in regional transportation planning.
  • Create state-wide resume bank for consumer access caregivers (including internships).
  • Bring mixed-income, mixed use developments or renovations with 15% Project-Based Vouchers to DFW.
  • Ensure parents sign students up on Medicaid Interest list at first ARD.
  • Ongoing independent living skill and behavior assessment each year as part of IEP. Home training/services if necessary.
  • Ensure independent living is part of student transition planning by age 14.
  • Identify homeless with IDD.
  • Train local first responders to communicate appropriately with people with IDD. Assess before arrest.
It was decided at the Committee meeting that CPSH will work with the System Adequacy Subcommittee to address these topics.

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