Affordable Housing/Parent Voice

What is affordable housing?

In a 1991 update to the Housing and Urban Development Act, HUD established that 30% percent of family incomeis affordable rent. The monthly payment amount for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Texas for an individual is 2018 will be $750. Thirty percent for rent will be $225 per month. Since HUD has established this definition of affordable, CPSH and our volunteers are advocating to ensure local and federal governments offer affordable housing to people on SSI (low, very low and no income).

Affordability also means that very little or no funding should be required of families for individuals to access community-based, safe, affordable housing with the services they need. CPSH continues to make affordably where individuals want to live a priority. Where possible CPSH encourages families to invest in the housing their children with disabilities live in as adults.

Parent Voice

Parent Voices In 2017, COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING joined the North Texas Housing Assessment Team to conduct Focus Groups to find out what types of housing individuals with disabilies want. Their parents also participated in these discussions. Here is Vandi Alba discussing why the CPSH Neighborhood Homes effort is important to her and her daughter.