Family Participates in Lyft Pilot (Dallas)

Jane Drake, CPSH Director, and her family have participated on the Lyft Pilot program.  Jane says, "About two months ago our lives changed forever - in a unique and positive way. Our son, age 27, depended on us for his transportation. Fortunately my husband and I both work from home. Still, we couldn't jump up and leave our desks every time our son wanted to go to the book store or library. And this arrangement did not foster independence. In addition, living in Richardson made taking public transportation difficult. Our son would need to walk a mile to a bus stop, then take the bus and head to either another bus or a rail line. Although DART Paratransit would provide a private min-van to take him where he needed to go, he was uncomfortable hopping on a van clearly marked for those in wheelchairs.

"Through a friend of mine who serves on the board of Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH), we found out about the Lyft pilot program offered through DART Paratransit. We took Taylor down to the DART headquarters and they did an assessment, clearing him for entry into the DART-Lyft pilot program. It works like the regular Lyft program with the following exceptions:

  • It is free. No tipping. 
  • You call a dedicated number at least 2 hrs. prior to needing the ride.

"Our son likes it and uses it with excellent results. He reports that the drivers are polite and on-time. This is a huge blessing for our family. Thanks to DART Paratransit."

More information on the Lyft Pilot, here.