May 2018 Creating Home News (Archive)

Creating Home News
Collin, Denton, Dallas, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall and Tarrant Counties

May 2018

New to CPSH?
  • Welcome! CPSH is delighted you have join thousands of people who are interested in creating more safe, affordable, service enriched housing in neighborhoods across the DFW area. Please share your story .
Find Housing
  • CPSH continues to work with community leaders to address the lack of safe, affordable, service-enriched, community-based housing in North Texas and will share progress with you through this newsletter. The most up-to-date information on where to find housing is on the Find Housing webpage.

Mainstream Vouchers for People with Disabilities
  • Several DFW Housing Authorities are looking at opportunities to apply for Mainstream Vouchers. These Vouchers are designed to help tenants with disabilities live independently in the community. The Mainstream Vouchers are for non-elderly people with disabilities who are transitioning from institutional or other segregated settings to community living; at serious risk of institutionalization; homeless; or at risk of becoming homeless. This is affordable housing and would include services.

    CPSH is compiling an interest list. CPSH is looking for the following:
    • People with disabilities interested in applying for these Mainstream Vouchers
    • Property owners of single family or multi family properties interested in tenants with Mainstream Vouchers.

    Self-advocates, and parents/guardians of a persons with a disability, and property owners please complete the Yellow Sheet.

    Service providers (medicaid or private) and interested in assisting tenants please complete the SP Form.
Learning opportunities - sign up on the interest lists
Help Other Self-advocates and Families Find Services and Housing
  • Please complete the form here and share your favorites. There are families in immediate need of this information.

    CPSH looking for self-advocate and family recommendations for the following:
    • Favorite HCS Residential Home
    • Favorite Foster Parent who provide housing for people who aren't their family members
    • Favorite In-Home Caregiver
    • Favorite Medicaid Waiver/Private Pay Service Coordinator
    • Favorite Day Program
    • Favorite Behavior Specialist
    • Favorite Medical Doctor for people with disabilities

  • CPSH is adding this information to the Find Housing page on the CPSH Website.

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CPSH is a charity and works with families and community partners to create more housing options in the Collin, Denton, Dallas, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall and Tarrant Counties for almost 100,000 adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities or social challenges regardless of IQ who need safe, affordable housing with support. CPSH has created an independent living guide for parents everywhere in Texas.

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