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CREATING HOME NEWS - news for people living with intellectual/developmental disabilities and neurodiversty, their families, and people who support them in their goals to live to their fullest potential.


A show of love and support


This is a story about how Maria Gordillo worked with CPSH to help her friends.  

In 2018 CPSH announced that Amerigroup had agreed to sponsor a two session CPSH Home Safety Training Class at Bachman Recreation Center in Dallas, Texas.  Maria Gordillo signed up to attend with her son.  

On the first day of training Maria mentioned that she was impressed with the training materials. She was translating the material into Spanish for her son as Jacky Sylvie taught the information.  

On the second day of training,  Maria brought her other children and her husband to the class.  We were delighted that the whole family was participating in helping their loved one prepare for the future. Maria mentioned that she is a member of the Padres Latinos Ayudando a Ninos Especiales (P.L.A.N.E.S.). The parents have children with disabilities and meet monthly to share resources and support.  Jacky offered to share the work of CPSH with the parent group.  Maria arranged for CPSH to connect with the coordinator Mary Cardona. Maria also arranged for Mary, a translator, to assist with the presentation. Jacky prepared for the presentation by working with a professional to translate the English CPSH materials to Spanish.

On Saturday January 9, 2019 Jacky met with the parent group at the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Dallas. In spite of the cold and rain fifteen families attended the meeting. Jacky presented information in English while Mary translated the presentation into Spanish. 

Maria also shared her experience attending the Home Safety Training Class and discussed the importance of the work of CPSH.  The families were delighted that the CPSH website can be viewed in Spanish and other languages.  They have begun discussing how to create affordable housing for their children through the CPSH Neighborhood Home project. The families want to attend the next safety training class and have all signed up to receive CPSH emails.

Thank you Maria, for connecting the PLANES parent group and CPSH. Our children thrive when we all work together.

Connect your circle of friends and CPSH

Learn more about sponsoring a CPSH Safety Training Class

CPSH Guide 2019 Update - Amazon


Planning for Person-Centered Independent Living:
A Texas Families’ Guide to Person-Centered Planning for Loved Ones with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Neurodiversity 

Now available in ebook and paperback. 

Amazon review: Trying to plan the future for your special needs child? This book defines programs/services available in Texas with detail, yet it is a quick read. Learn about ABLE accounts, Transportation, Housing, Vocational programs and more! This is my new "bible" to plan my daughter's future. It is straightforward information for what can seem very challenging for parents. It is wonderful to have all this information in one place!

Guide Information on CPSH Website

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CPSH et al v. Dallas Housing Authority


In August 2018 Community for Permanent Supported Housing and several individuals filed a lawsuit against the Dallas Housing Authority claiming illegal discrimination on the basis of disability under several federal and state laws. 

Under federal law the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) must make its housing programs available to people with disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate for their needs. The DHA could do this by having a program that allows people with disabilities to live independently in single-family homes owned by their parents or others and subsidizing the rent with federal funding called project-based vouchers.

In 2016 the DHA announced a program for a project-based vouchers for people with IDDs. The program would have allowed 50 single-family home property owners to rent their homes to several people with disabilities who would pay about 30% of their monthly income toward rent and receive a federal subsidy to pay the rest of the rent.

In early 2017 DHA abruptly suspended the program. After 18 months of trying to resolve this issue with DHA, CPSH and several family members of people with disabilities filed a lawsuit to require DHA to provide these project-based vouchers so people with disabilities can live more independently in neighborhoods, not in institutions or group homes. The lawsuit asks for an organized on-going project-based voucher program and damages for the families who are still waiting for this housing option. Our legal team, Relman Dane and Colfax of Washington DC and Disability Rights Texas is assisting us to develop the case.

CPSH is a partner with DHA regarding their recent award of Mainstream Vouchers, which, although important, don’t meet the same needs that project based vouchers would meet. CPSH is committed to continue working with the DHA on the Mainstream Voucher Program and any other program that will meet the housing needs of people with disabilities. We are committed to seeing DHA implement an on-going project-based voucher program that will house people with disabilities so they can live more independently.


Coming Soon…
Open House for Latest Neighborhood Home in Irving, Texas


Keep your eyes out for March's CREATING HOME NEWS for details on an upcoming OPEN HOUSE for a NEW neighborhood home in Irving.  The 4 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathroom home will be newly remodeled with brand new hardwood floors, updated bathrooms and new kitchen appliances.  The home will also have two large living areas as well as an office or computer room.  The home will be available for move-in April 1 for 4 adults with disabilities.  The rate will be approx. $750 (not including utilities) per resident.  

There will be more information about a seminar on how to create and fund your own neighborhood home .  If you’re interested in finding out more information about this living opportunity, contact Kathy Lipnick at 214-216-2226 or email kathy@keyreadyliving.com.


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