The Neighborhood Homes Project focuses on creating safe, affordable housing within local communities.

Update: 9/30/15

CPSH is looking for opportunities for families, apartment owners, and others interested in renting homes and apartment units in North Texas to adults living with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  These adults would receive supports, as necessary, to live independently and be good neighbors. Property owners would receive fair market rent for leasing to these individuals.  Already, 53 adults with IDD live in the DFW area under this program.  They make GREAT neighbors.

CPSH has provided information to the Dallas Housing Authority that shows funding is available through the Community First Choice Program for those that are eligible in addition to Medicaid Waiver Programs. CPSH has also shared the names of six Private and Medicaid Waiver Providers interested in supporting individuals interested in Neighborhood Homes as well as information from the CFC Policy Experts and Texas Health and Human Services.  CPSH has heard from about 100 families interested in purchasing homes for use as Neighborhood Homes.

Neighborhood homes are NOT HCS Residential Group Homes. Neighborhood homes are homes in neighborhoods that are rented to 3 or fewer adults with IDD. Parents may purchase homes but may not live in the homes. 

CPSH is looking for apartment owners interested in leasing at least 5 units in a complex to these adults.

CPSH has asked the Dallas Housing Authority to review this information and determine whether they are interested in issuing REQUESTS FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR PROJECT-BASED VOUCHER (PBV) ASSISTANCE for Neighborhood Homes and Apartments.

CPSH will keep the community updated on the status of this request. 

Please be thinking about your interest in this effort.

Stay tuned!


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