Person-centered Independent Living

The information on this page this the result of extensive work. This is for the expressed use of people with disabilities, there families and those who work with them to create Person Centered Plans. This information protected by CPSH copyright.

In Dallas/Fort Worth, 200,000 adults with a disability and at least one challenge to living independently.

People with disabilities are outliving their parents and want/need safe, affordable, community-based housing.

Affordable housing is rent at 30% of monthly income. Even on SSI.

Community-based housing for Texans receiving Medicaid Waiver funding is defined by Housing and Urban Development, Centers of Medicaid and Medicare and the Texas Health & Human Services. CPSH does not define community-based housing.

Service-centered Housing

Person selects from a limited stock of government supported housing (HCS residential, Companion Care, ICF, SSLC)

Service Agencies own or rent thus become landlord - dilutes focus away from service.

Self actualization constrained.

Desire for choice and control limited in implementation of Person-centered Plan.

Person-centered Independent Living

  • Person selects the home of their choice that provides the opportunity to live independently in the most community-integrated homes appropriate to their needs and in a stable, long-term living environment. 

  • Service Agencies provide services where the person needs them.

  • Bonus: gives the public more opportunities participate in improving these lives of people with disabilities, by purchasing properties for their use.

Research suggests that, when adults with I/DDs can live in their own homes with appropriate supports, they are less lonely, healthier, financially better off, and more satisfied with their lives. 

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Home-and-Community-Based Services (HCBS) is scheduled for implementation in 2022. Housing must

  • Be integrated in and support full access to the greater community; 

  • Be selected by the individual from among setting options; 

  • Ensure individual rights of privacy, dignity and respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint; 

  • Optimize autonomy and independence in making life choices; and 

  • Facilitate choice regarding services and who provides them. 

The HCBS waiver program was established is 1981 in developing and implementing creative alternatives to institutional care (that reduces a person’s ability to make their own choices and interact with others) for individuals who are Medicaid eligible. 

Desire for Person-centered Independent Living is growing rapidly in the DFW area.

Texas Health and Human Services is currently working to change their service model to be driven by the balance between the wants and needs of people who get our services. CPSH is participating in this effort.

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