About Robin LeoGrande


CPSH is not about Robin but for those who need an introduction......

Robin LeoGrande is founder and president of Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH), a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to find affordable, safe housing for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the Northeast Texas area. Her tireless work has raised awareness for the lack of housing for those with disabilities – 100,000 and counting.

The mission of CPSH is to create collaborations among businesses, social organizations and all levels of government to establish safe, clean, enriched, affordable housing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, regardless of IQ in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant Counties. An all-volunteer board of eight meet during the year to devise strategy and create ways to support parents who are trying to launch their adult children.

Robin’s ground-breaking work has paralleled the growth and needs of her youngest son, David, diagnosed with Down Syndrome. When he graduated high school, she anticipated he would need a place to go during the day. Several meetings and phone calls later, Robin and others launched My Possibilities. As business manager and chairman of the board, she laid the plans that would eventually turn space in a strip mall to a pioneering day habilitation program providing life skills, independence, and vocational training.

While volunteering at My Possibilities, Robin identified challenges faced by parents of special needs adult children.  After researching issues, she discovered these truths:

1. Children with disabilities are outliving their parents.

2. Few role models exist for parents who want to move their child out of their home.

3. Very little affordable housing exists due to skyrocketing land prices.

For these reasons, Robin created CPSH. In eight years, her strategy and persistence has achieved these goals:

1.       Raised awareness for the need for housing through multiple channels including radio time, marketing collateral, and personal visits with legislators.

2.       Established educational materials for parents to use when helping their adult children reach independence. Safety training and a published guide to independent living help parents navigate the incredible maze of working with state and private agencies.

3.       Started collaborative relationships with state agencies such as Texas Health and Human Services (HHS), Texas Department for Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) and the IDD System.

In a rare and unprecedented move, Robin worked with the Dallas Housing Authority to tap into HUD funding for vouchers. These vouchers would provide subsidized rent in seven counties. No other state has done this.

Where once Robin knocked on doors requesting meetings, she is now on everyone’s invitation list. She is the unequivocal expert on housing in Northeast Texas.

In September of 2015, Robin traveled to Austin to accept the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) Vision Award. The award was given to her for the accomplishments she and CPSH have achieved in creating innovative housing options for adults living with intellectual/developmental disabilities in North Texas. The Vision Award provides state-level recognition for exemplary service in three areas that support the agency's vision: wellness, dignity, and choice. These awards pay tribute to individuals and groups who give time and service to improve the quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities. 

Robin receiving the Vision award for her work on behalf of those who need housing.

Robin receiving the Vision award for her work on behalf of those who need housing.

Behind the award is the unseen. A mother who sacrificed income, time with family, and much of her own personal time to establish an organization devoted to housing for adult children like David, because she wants him and others to have a place of their own where they can lay their head and dream big.

Contact Robin at admin@txcpsh.org.