(Page start date: 12/30/17)

CPSH is receiving questions about special needs trusts:

  • Should a special needs trust own a home that a person with disabilities lives in?
  • How is a home in a special needs trust managed?
  • What are this pros and cons of having a home in a special needs trust?

This page provides you with information for you to think and act.  As always, consult your attorney to make the best decisions for you and your family.



Share your experience.  If have looked into placing a home in or purchasing a home using assets in  a special needs trust would you please share your experience, here?  We will share it with our community. 

What were the challenges to consider? How is the home managed/maintained? What advice do you have for others considering placing a home in a SNT?
Are you planning to in the future? What have you learned that you are leaning against placing a home in a SNT?