What type of transportation does this person need?

(Reference: CPSH Housing Survey Results, here.)

Summary:  Over the next five years, the most popular response is on call service. In far second place is a local city service.

CPSH 2017 action: CPSH will research transportation options for adults with special needs in the seven county region.

Suggestions for parents and others: Contact CPSH if you are interested in participating in this effort, here.

CPSH Engagement In Transportation Needs

Brenda Catlett, CPSH Board Member, is a point-person for persons with cognitive disabilities and represents CPSH on the planning team to update Access North Texas, a plan for the 16-county region in North Texas that aims to improve coordination and transportation particularly for older adults, individuals with a disability, low-income individuals, and others who depend on public transit. The project leader is Kelli Schlicher, Transportation Planner III, Regional Transit Coordination and Operations,  North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Kelli is hosting outreach meetings throughout our region.  You and your loved one with IDD are encouraged to attend these meeting to share your concerns and ideas about transportation.  The meetings will be posted on the CPSH calendar.

Transportation Resources

Below are some resources that may help you.  If you find one or more that are useful please let CPSH know so we can share it with other families on this page.  Please volunteer to put more focus on this effort, here.

Dallas and Tarrant Counties

Provided by:  Kelli Schlicher, AICP, Transportation Planner III, Regional Transit Coordination and Operations, North Central Texas Council of Governments, (817) 695-9287

The two resources (for Dallas and Tarrant counties) listed below don’t provide transportation, but they keep an up-to-date list of the transportation providers and can help people determine which provider might be the best option (depending on their needs). They will be most familiar with the transportation providers in Dallas and Tarrant counties and the level of assistance available for riders with a disability.

  1. If individuals are looking for transportation resources in Dallas County, they should consider contacting My Ride Dallas. They publish the Get a Ride Guide in English and in Spanish. This guide lists all the types of transportation providers within Dallas County. Their Manager is Brittney Tree and she can be contacted at or 214-954-4243. Anyone can call 972-855-8084 to speak to a Transportation Navigator to discuss their transportation options.
  2. My Ride Tarrant is a similar organization in Tarrant County which has a list of Tarrant County transit providers. Sheila Holbrook-White is the main contact and she can be reached at Anyone can call 682-587-7099 to speak to a Transportation Navigator to discuss their transportation options.

Other Areas

More information from CPSH about Transportation