About the CPSH et al v DHA lawsuit - Press Release

COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING  and several additional plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against the Dallas Housing Authority.  The lawsuit claims illegal discrimination on the basis of disability, citing portions of the federal and state laws.

While the Project-Based Voucher option is available to many beneficiaries of the Dallas Housing Authority, in 2017 many people with IDD were denied this program by Dallas Housing Authority’s unjustified refusal to permit ownership of the home by a parent  and a refusal to accept reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

The Dallas Housing Authority took these action even though in 2014 HUD had published a new rule explicitly allowing people with disabilities to live in homes owned by family members as a reasonable accommodation. 

In 2017 HUD told the Dallas Housing Authority that it “should handle a Project-Based Voucher tenant’s or applicant’s reasonable accommodation request as it would any other reasonable accommodation request,” and that “regardless of whether the program regulation specifically refers to reasonable accommodations, Public Housing Authorities are always required to provide reasonable accommodations consistent” with federal civil rights laws.  

COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING  and several additional plaintiffs have requested a jury trial to seek restitution for this illegal act of discrimination.


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