Dallas, Texas – Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH) announces an animated short film called "Where Will I Live Without You".  The film depicts a young man with intellectual and developmental disabilities who experiences finds a home with support services and realizes there are many people like him who need this type of housing.

"Where Will I Live Without You" was conceived, designed and produced by Cesar Jimenez.  Cesar is a senior at Jack E. Singley Academy, a career-oriented public high school in Irving, Texas. He has won many awards for his videos and art work.

When asked why he worked on this film, Cesar said, "I decided to create this short film for CPSH because I wanted to help spread the awareness of the need for more CPSH housing for people with disabilities."

Despite Cesar's disability, he is using his talents to get a head start on his career.  This short film is his interpretation of the mission of Community for Permanent Supported Housing.



Music and sound for this short film was produced by Susan Hersey, with SH Productions.

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"The lack of enriched housing for adults living with intellectual/developmental disabilities is an emerging social issue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area," said Robin LeoGrande, Co-Founder and President of CPSH. "Because there isn't enough housing, many parents are unable to plan sufficiently for the living environments of their children when they can no longer care for them. Adults living with disabilities have been raised by their parents – their primary caregivers – in our communities and educated in our schools. The communities are unaware of the need for this housing as people with disabilities age.  The lack of housing is an issue that affects everyone.  If there is no housing available, these adults will become homeless; requiring community emergency services which are much more expensive than proactively creating housing."

CPSH is pleased to present this social issue as interpreted by Cesar Jimenez and at the same time show that Cesar's talents as an artist has no boundaries. He is more than his disabilities.

CPSH also appreciates the expertise of Susan Hersey in contributing the music and sound for this short film, further adding emotion to the visual experience.

To find out more about how you and school districts, businesses, social organizations, and religious organization can get involved please contact CPSH at admin@txcpsh.org or 214-632-8115.

About Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH)

CPSH creates collaborations among community partners to provide enriched housing options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Texas, regardless of IQ.