CPSH Workshops and Training

CPSH offers these workshops when funding is available. We seek donations from you and sponsorships from businesses and foundations that support the mission of CPSH to offer these opportunities. Please add your contact information to our waiting list if you are interested in attending. CPSH will contact you when a workshop is scheduled.

My Home Plan

A one hour workshop for people with disabilities to discuss living independently (with support services if needed). This workshop explores where students and adults would like to live and some of the options they might consider when making decisions about their homes. The result of the workshop is a plan the attendees can bring to their families and others who assist them in making these decisions. The workshop participants share ideas and ask questions. Family members or educators also attend with the participants to understand their individual preferences.

For students 14 years old and older this is an opportunity to discuss their dreams and goals for living options when they are no longer in secondary school. The plan can be a supplement to their Individual Education Plan (IEP), can referred to as goals and classes are selected, and used to identify actions to prepare for independence as a young adult.

For adults no longer in secondary school, who may want or need to live more independently, this workshop is a person-centered approach to focus on housing options and support services to meet the needs of the individual. The plan can be used reference in updating person-centered plan, a individual service plan, legal documents and financial plans

This workshop is offered in school districts and other meeting places across DFW area.

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Safety Training

This is ten hour training offered on two Saturdays (5 hours each) for individuals with disabilities age 14+ and a parent or guardian. This training is great for individuals who are at home alone for a short time or a planing to live away from family in the future.

When creating this training, CPSH asked parents what were the main concerns about helping their children transition to independent living. The parents said living safely and knowing how to react to potential safety situations were their main concerns. These concerns and others such as calling 911, answering the door, stranger and danger, are addressed in the interactive sessions that include games and roleplaying.

Parent feedback: The safety program is excellent for us and I am letting others know about it. It was a real stretch to commit to and I’mglad that we did. My son moves into his own apt in mid October 2016.

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Project Independence

This 5 hour workshop is for family members and their guest (such as service agency or future guardian), The workshop takes families through the 5 steps of how to create independent living with their loved ones in the community with friends. The instructor and families who have successfully used this approach will share information. Families of any age children are welcome to attend. The steps are:

  • Step 1, Overview: What is supported housing? What is project independence?

  • Step 2, Finding a place to live: How to approach property owners?

  • Step 3, Services and paperwork: How to identify utilities, care, transportation, etc?

  • Step 4, Financial: What is your affordable budget?

  • Step 5, Moving in: How to be a good tenant?

You will leave with a workbook of information to plan your approach. There will be follow up opportunities for discussion.

This is an opportunity invite families of your child's classmates and friends into the discussion.

It's also a good way to meet other families interested in independent living with supports.

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Secrets of Neighborhood Homes

This meeting is for family members of people with disabilities who are interested in using a current home or purchasing a home so that your loved one and two others can live more independently.

Neighborhood homes are owned by people who want to offer housing for people with disabilities have rental agreements directly with tenants.

At best, rental property should cover all operating expenses and produce a modest return or break even

This meeting is only for parents and relatives of people with special needs who want to establish a safe, affordable home in the near future.

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