"I am the mother of a 27 year old son with autism. My biggest fear is who will care for him when me and my husband no longer can. I really don’t have any family members that he can live with. Group homes concern me greatly because he has limited communication skills and could easily be mistreated or neglected. My only option right now would be a very expensive Private residential facility. We need more choices available as to a quality place close to  home that we could feel good about . Like every other parent all I want is a place where I know my son can have a full life and be treated with dignity and respect. Thank you for hearing my concerns."

"My son needs help in life.  He has AS and does well in school, but needs help with daily living.  I do not see a good option for his housing at this time. It is a great concern as the young person needs help and the parents are getting older.  We are doing all that we can and have for all of his life, of course.  It makes it hard to sleep at night. Thank you for all that you are doing."

"I have a son who wants to be independent. Works part time and collects SSDI We can not find a decent place for him to live Its a real problem"

 "Fifteen years ago my husband and I started talking to friends that also had daughters with intellectual disabilities about finding a house that all three families could purchase.  It was obvious that we could all then afford to hire support staff and also, if one family moved,  the girls would always know at least one other roommate before getting used to another. We have been ready to start the process for 6 years.  The other families are still not ready.  I have been noticing that as my daughter Michele is getting older she is not as excited about the prospect of moving.  She was 6 years ago.  I need to start working on plan B and have quit work to find appropriate housing in Plano.  It is not an easy process and will take some time. My husband and I need to feel good about where we place Michele before we die.  Being around during the transition is the right thing to do for her as well.  We plan to be part of her life wherever she lives."    Irene

 "My 17 year old son, Michael, has Down syndrome. He will be graduating from high school in the next 4 years so we are looking for housing opportunities for him in the Dallas area. He is very independent and is expecting to graduate and go to college and live on his own. Unfortunately there are not many options for him today to meet that goal. Therefore, we are working with Robin and her team to develop  housing options in the Dallas area so our son will have a safe home to live in when he moves out of our home. He will not be able to live 100% on his own so we need a community that offers assistance and services to him."    Kari Hatfield

"Our family would be truly blessed if we could count on residential housing for our son as he ages.  Coley is 17 and has a number of developmental disabilities due to fetal alcohol syndrome.  We adopted Coley from Russia when he was two years old and have tried to help him navigate the world to our best ability since we brought him home.  His disabilities have prohibited his ability to mature but we would love for him to have the opportunity to be as independent as possible.  As we have researched options and prepared for Coley’s future it has become clear that there is a critical need for services that support adults with disabilities in our community. "   Tammy Toll

"I do not know but my son is 33 years old and he lives at home, works 12 hours a week and needs the camaraderie of living with others and I also need to know that he will be okay once I am no longer here."

"My daughter is 29.  She wasn't supposed to live more than a week when she was born. She might outlive me! I'm not going to die!"

"We live in the Houston area now. I know my son would love to be in "his own place" one of these days!"

"One of my children is a high functioning asperger with ADD, Bi-Polar and depression.  HE needs to be reminded of basic hygiene and medication needs.  Yet one of his siblings has epilepsy and can take care of herself she just needs monitoring. How can we make a community for adults that want to be independent but have differing monitoring needs?"

"We have twins and in process of adopting 3rd special needs. I think a special needs house for respite is needed for community. There are a lot of folks who are aging and could use a break but don't have finances."

"Providing more group home settings with supervision would help many adults transition to greater independence.  Educating neighbors about their group home neighbors would help to alleviate their concerns."

"My son has autism and it is doubtful that he will ever be able to live completely on his own.  Since Texas ranks near the BOTTOM in mental health issues I planned to move to another state with better services as I near the end of my life.  I am currently 48."