Faith Leaders

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We know that your congregations with the support of many caring individuals recognize the need in their communities and make a huge difference in our world.   Throughout history,  Faith Leaders have been the front runners for change in the way people learn to care about others: in helping the poor, the sick, and the homeless.  People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are the most vulnerable amongst us.  Unlike the majority of the population, these souls will forever need a guiding hand and our support.  They learn differently, are too trusting and when their parents or family members can no longer care for them or die, they tend to be helped by scant government funding, small trust funds and staffs that are paid minimum wage and receive few benefits. 

Because of this, people with IDD are often neglected, mistreated or abandoned.  They need an outside group that takes up their cause in small ways.  Just like senior citizens, this group needs to be invited and sometimes brought to your House of Worship.  They would love to have a meal with your members.  They usually need transportation in order to visit a friend.  They would be grateful to be included in activities with other volunteers within your circle.  They are not helpless and can contribute. They need to be integrated into your programs. 

 We encourage a very unique program, Continue the Care that will introduce  ideas to your worship membership regarding the integration of people with disabilities into your congregations.  It would mean the world to all that are vested in helping others as well as allowing people with IDD to live their best lives. 

CPSH would be happy to meet with you to discuss the various ways you can encourage a dialog in your community to connect with adults with IDD.  Please contact Irene Niemotka, 972-596-2487 for more information. 

When our children have no choice but to live being cared by paid staff, you, our Faith Leaders can extend a helping hand like no other organization.  There are examples of the impact this kind of marriage between the disabled and the faithful can make not only to those with IDD but to the membership itself  that benefits from their presence.  You will all feel pride at being together.