Attorneys for families of chidren with IDD or social challenges, regardless of IQ

Welcome to the CPSH website!  Special Needs attorneys have daily experience with the issues that matter to individuals with disabilities and their families.  Parents of special needs children are often so busy with day to day issues, they may need legal support to prepare for the time they are no longer able to care for their children.  

Special Needs Attorneys have an opportunity to help families plan for safe, affordable living for their loved one, and encourage them to seek out residential option in their communities.  In the past, parents have assumed they will keep their child at home after high school, and until deal.  Parents are now thinking about helping their children live independently, with supports, after high school, just like their typical siblings and classmates.

CPSH believes that everyone should live in the housing option that best meets their desires and needs.  CPSH has several projects that may be of interest to your clients. 

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