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Zack and Mary
Zack Brown, Author and Mary Kearney Hull, Artist and Instructor

A note from Mary Kearney Hull:

Zack Brown spends many hours creating his art and sharing “Zingers“ that are thought provoking, fun and sophisticated. Zack has a mission that he wants to share and it is included in this book.

Like Zack, I too have a mission and it is to help society to see the wonder inside Zack and to see that each person has an important purpose and needs to be given a chance to: make a difference, work, live in their own home and to contribute to society. A person that needs adaptation is just that, a person that needs adaptations. Zack has an amazing mind and is making a difference through his kindness, love for God and his actions.

I hope you enjoy “Zack’s Zingers”. He always says that they have many different meanings and enjoys hearing what people think they represent. Zack has provided the viewer of any age with some of his answers to his images and they are provided on the back of each page. He wants the viewer to think about the image before reading his response.

All profits from Zack's Zingers are donated directly to COMMUNITY FOR PERMANENT SUPPORTED HOUSING.

Watch the CPSH Animated Mission Video, here.

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