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Workshop Videos

The purpose of having the workshop videos on line is to have access to this information and share it as appropriate with people with a sincere interest in understanding more about this program.

Sharing these videos is not meant to substitute for meeting where the videos are shown or the information is presented in a power point presentation.  It is much more meaningful to have workshops and meetings you host to share this information so that attendees can discuss the topics presented and ask questions.  Please select who watches the videos with this in mind.  Also, encourage people to attend a workshop in person.

With your permission...

Give this link to someone you want to see the training:

Leaders' access to videos, here

CPSH Website Co-op pages

The CPSH website has been set up for you to connect to our community.

We would like you to set up a page on the site to share the status of your co-op, even if you are in the formation stage.  You can say you are evaluating interest in a co-op in your community. You might receive an inquiry from someone in the community who wants to participate.

Here is the PI page:  it links to the PI-Plano page:

The CPSH e-news letter is sent out on the 1st of each month.  If you send me content I will setup your page and give you edit access, we will let the community know about the page in the next newsletter..

Other resources