CPSH Donor Testimony

2019 Terrific! Congratulations!
2019 #NTxGivingDay Thank you for what you do.
2019 #NTxGivingDay CPSH is on the front line, battling to make lawmakers and community leaders aware of the housing needs of over 200,000 people with disabilities significant enough to hamper them in living on their own - just in our area. Thank you, CPSH!
2019 #NTxGivingDay Thank you for your hard work
2019 25K Challenge We appreciate all that CPSH does to help adults with IDD live independently.
2019 25K Challenge I think you are one of the top groups addressing this need. I appreciate your diligence.
2019 25K Challenge Thanks to CPSH for also including the housing needs for our beautiful children that rely more heavily on the adults and community in order to live as independently and with maximum happiness.
2019 25K Challenge Thank you guys for all you do for the Special Needs Community. Such a scary path we navigate in our golden years. The thought of our children not being taken care of when we are not there is heart breaking. There is no system in place for our aging adults. We as a family appreciate all of your efforts.
2019 25K Challenge Terrific organization doing significant work!
2019 25K Challenge I see the need for more housing options for people with disabilities across Texas and I see the smiles of people who are move into homes of their own choosing with the support services they need. Please donate a be part of the CPSH missing to improve every community, zip code and street. Every donation, any amount you give matters. Thank you!
2019 25K Challenge CPSH gives my son a voice he would otherwise not have with government committees, legislators and regulators; with local officials and housing authorities; in the community. Thank you, CPSH for working on affordable housing for folks like Tracy on a fixed income.
2018 #GivingTuesday Important work! My son will need continued support throughout his lifetime to afford to live independently with dignity. Local Government agencies are shockingly unaware of the capacity they have to make a difference. Advocacy and education by CPSH is making a difference!
2018 #GivingTuesday Great Work!
2018 #GivingTuesday I am a person with a disability. Project Independence classes taught me how to find housing, resources and other housing options. People should donate to help CPSH continue to have classes and help others to move on in their lives.