6/29/17 Dallas News CPSH Commentary Affordable housing is possible

To the right  is the link to the Dallas News opinion editorial we had published this week.

Here is the pdf of the story  if you don't have a subscription of to dallas news.com.

If you would like to read the details behind the story go here. (pdf)

7/4/17 update: Recently, there have been several stories in the Dallas Morning News about developments being build for people living with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism. These are positive initiatives but in total they provide housing for less than 500 residents and the cost is out of reach for most families. More affordable, safe housing options are needed in North Texas. 

As an organization that advocates for safe, affordable, service-enriched housing, we want the community to know that there are very affordable ways that individuals with these disabilities may access housing at about 30% of income. It takes work to make this happen. 

Already, the story has reached over 3.000 people in North Texas. CPSH would like it to reach at least 5,000 people. If you feel so inclined, please forward the link or this email to others who may be interested in affordable housing and encourage them to contact CPSH. 

CPSH has asked to meet with the Dallas Housing Authority to discuss the gap between Fair Market Rent (set by HUD) and competitive rent. The gap creates a challenge finding affordable rental property in safe neighborhoods where people with IDD and autism can live. 

Soon, CPSH will host a community meeting to discuss this and other topics. 

Thank you for reading and sharing.