Across DFW: Assessment of Fair Housing

Cities across North Texas are having public input meetings for their upcoming Assessments of Fair Housing (AFH). The purpose of the AFH is to assess whether individuals and families have the information, opportunity and options to live where they choose without unlawful discrimination related to race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin or disability. Your voice is very important to the next generation of people with disabilities to ensure they have safe, affordable housing.

Links: CPSH encourages our community to speak up and complete the survey about the need for affordable, accessible housing throughout the DFW area (Collin, Denton, Dallas, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall and Tarrant Counties). CPSH has two messages that can affect many families:
  • There is a the significant gap between Fair Market Rent (set by HUD) and competitive rent in the DFW area. The gap prevents finding affordable rental property using vouchers in safe neighborhoods where people with IDD and autism can live. The reimbursement rate of the voucher is set by the Fair Market Rent. Property owners prefer to rent at competitive rates because they make more profit at competitive rates than at Fair Market Rent. So property owners are less interested in applying to accept vouchers from their residents or applying for Project-Based Vouchers.

  • The DFW area needs Project-Based Voucher programs for single family homes so that property owners who want to lease homes to persons with IDD can do so. This is important because under this program there are agreements between property owners and services providers to help the tenants in the home as needed. The property owner can select the residents to ensure compatibility which is very important for people with disabilities. There are 54 people in the DFW area who are successfully living in apartment units and homes under this program. Through reasonable accommodations adults can live in community-based housing.
Your attendance at these meetings is important to make change happen for these underserved adults. They need opportunity and access to live in the community.

If you plan to attend would you please let us know? Email. Let's go where our voices will be heard!