8 Ways to Support CPSH All Year Long

8 Ways to Support



All Year Long

Let's be honest. There are many charities that want your donation this holiday season. Why should you give to CPSH in support of more housing options in North Texas for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities or social challenges?

Lack of housing options can be solved. CPSH has proven solutions. Already 53 people are living in these options. 10 families have a Project Independence Co-op. More Co-ops are planned. CPSH was able to request that the Dallas Housing Authority move forward with the Neighborhood Homes Program because Community First Choice, a Medicaid program, is now available for eligible Texans. With families, property owners, and providers working together more adults will be able to live independently with supports during 2016. Your giving plays a crucial role in combating the lack of housing in North Texas. Here are a few reasons:

Our North Texas community has the financial resources to reduce the likelihood of homelessness. The amount you give to CPSH is your choice. Your donation will continue to improve the quality of life for our population in need, and has a positive impact on the lives of others.

Giving benefits our North Texas community's most underserved population. Most of this population has an income of $721/month. They need help living in safe, affordable housing with support, whennecessary.

Your support of CPSH directly helps, your family, clients, patients, and consumers to live their best lives in North Texas now and in the future.

You are the only one who can show your support for CPSH.

Your donation is tax deductible.

8 Ways to Support CPSH
  • Give while you shop for food. Sign up for a Kroger Community Awards Card and direct the donation to CPSH.

  • Give while you shop for gifts, household goods, and textbooks. You shop, Goodshop gives, learn more here.

  • Give while you shop for gifts, household goods, and textbooks. You shop Amazon gives, here.

  • Purchase a book. Purchase Zack's Zingers here and all profit is donated to CPSH.

  • Send a credit card donation. Charge through PayPal. No account required.

  • Send a check donation. Mail to CPSH, 2306 Lawndale Pl, Plano, TX 75023-7716

  • Get your donation matched. Contact your company's HR department or ask a friend to match your donation.

  • Donate your skills. Sign up to volunteer.