CPSH Housing Mentor Project

CPSH is creating a Mentor program for family members who are interested in how parents deal with transitioning their loved ones to independent living, with supports if necessary.

  • Is it really difficult?
  • Am I really ready?
  • How does it feel on moving day?
  • How does it feel 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or longer after the move?

If you has helped move their loved one out of the family home more that one year ago, and would be interested in taking with other parents who are taking a similar path, would you let CPSH know?

This is for parents and siblings only, regardless of what type of housing your child has moved into. This is NOT to be used to solicit any products or services without approval of CPSH.

Name *
I am a family member of an adult with IDD who has moved to more independent living *
I represent myself and will not solicit for any agency unless approved by CPSH. *

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