6/28/15 Project Independence Community Meeting

On Sunday, 6/28/15, the largest Project Independence meeting, yet, was held in Plano, TX. Over 50 people attended,  including families of adults wanting housing, and representatives from NAMI, Arc of Texas, MetroCare Services, Lifepath Systems, Dallas County Aging and Disability Resource Center, the IDD Council of Tarrant County

Project Independence is a Parent Co-op that assists adults with IDD and social challenges to transition into independent Living.  A Parent Co-op can be created in any city.  The Co-op determines the priorities of the co-op,  such as safety and socialization.  The Co-op also determines the level of support that the residents that will be part of the Co-op. 

The first Co-op will be in the Plano/North Richardson area.  There is also discussion of Co-ops in Dallas, McKinney, and Mansfield.

CPSH will be establishing a governance team for Project Independence.  Training for each Co-op will focus on :

  • helping parents transition their adult child to independent living. 
  • helping the future resident be safe.




Virginia Phillips leads a discussion of Project Independence.

Virginia Phillips leads a discussion of Project Independence.