6/2/16 Dallas Housing Authority/Neighborhood Homes Update

In June, 2016 the DHA is planning to issue a Request For Proposal for HUD Section 8 Project-Based Vouchers for the Neighborhood Housing Pilot Program of Permanent Supportive Housing for Persons with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD). This program reduces rent for tenants and provides fair market rent to homeowners based on zip code.

CPSH will send you an email as soon as the RFP and Application has been issued.

Applications for this RFP will be:

  • Single family homes, condos, townhouses or apartments located in DHA areas of operation
  • Residents in the home are considered a family to determine household income. Income household limit for a family of three is about $31,700. The DHA has a process for determining the household income. After the initial family income is established, and the residents move into the home, the residents can generally earn more income without effecting their tenant status, until they are able to pay full rent.
  • No more than 3 adults with certified IDD will live in a home, each with their own bedroom
  • Initially, the family (all residents) will be identified for anyone to move in to the home. This does not prevent family members (residents) from moving out, and other family members (residents) from moving in.
  • These items will be clarified when the Request For Proposal is issued.

If you are interested in purchasing a home or are interested in your adult family member living in one of these homes please see the details of this program, the videos, look at the links, and complete The Yellow Sheet form, here.