8/11/15 CPSH and Service Providers

On Tuesday, 8/11/15 members of CPSH met with Medicaid and Private Services Providers to discuss their participation in a possible offering by the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) to provide subsidies for homes rented to three or 4 individuals with very low income and diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

At the meeting there was a presentation and discussion of providing services to adults with IDD who live in homes (not HCS-residential homes) away from their families.  CPSH needs service providers’ input to create the best opportunity for our adults with IDD, the property owners and the service providers through this Project-Based Voucher opportunity.

In 2014 this program was unable to move forward because funding for Personal Attendant Care, including overnight care, was not available to reimburse Medicaid Waiver service providers in these homes.  As of June 2015 funding for more services is available to Medicaid recipients through Community First Choice, based on the individual’s assessed level of need.

Four providers support this effort if the DHA goes forward with another Neighborhood Homes offering.  The other service providers had a few questions that we have sent to DADS.  CPSH is also contacting some of the larger providers and Local Authorities who were not able to attend the meeting to review this opportunity.

CPSH will continue to keep families updated on this progress.